Tower Assembly

Now that you’ve received your Tater Tower, it’s easy to assemble with a simple power screwdriver. 

(Use a manual screwdriver for that zen-garden experience!)




Tower assembly drawing © Dr. Grimme's Better Ways, LLC 2014


1.  Each layer has 4 “planks” and 4 “legs”, each with 4 predrilled pilot holes. “Up” is indicated by the label onthe leg. The bottom of the leg will  the plank. Note: the left margin is wider than the right margin. Holes on the left are higher.

2.  Begin by starting 2 screws on the right side in the pilot holes provided. The leg should be oriented so that the pilot holes on the leg line up with the holes on the plank. The bottom of the leg will extend just under an inch below the bottom of the plank. Secure the screws.

3.  Repeat with remaining 3 planks and legs.

4.  Start screws on the left side of each plank in the pilot holes provided. Attach the left side of one plank to the leg of another to form a right angle.

5.  Repeat this process until the box is formed.

6.   Repeat steps 2-5 with remaining supplies to form 4 boxes, which will be stackable and interlocking.