Are you a gift registry rebel? Dr. Grimme's Tater Tower® stackable planter for growing potatoes is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. The couple that gardens together, grows together.

With the coming of June we find spring and love are in full bloom around every corner. That’s right, it’s wedding season. Don your peep toes, bow ties, and big smiles, and don’t forget your champagne glass. But what if traditional weddings aren’t amongst your favorite things? Maybe you’d rather listen to a chorus of crying babies than hear Bridal Chorus one more time. Perhaps the thought of buying monogrammed tea towels and matching egg cups makes you sick. You might be more of a bachelor party, not a matrimony kind of friend.

Whether you’re the (obviously, very cool) bride and groom, or the (equally cool) guest, Dr. Grimme’s got the perfect wedding gift for you. The Dr. Grimme’s Tater Tower® interlocking, stackable planter box is a strong, sustainable, and sexy way to celebrate your nuptials.

Here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. The Tater Tower is small (only 18 inches on a side), so it’s a great fit in snug newlywed bungalows.
  2. Did we mention it’s IN-TER-LOCK-ING? If that doesn’t turn you on, then you have no pulse.
  3. Nothing says, “I love you.” or “I’m really sorry I spilled coffee on your favorite _____.” like tasty creamy new potatoes.
  4. Despite trending sales and sometimes overwhelming popularity, chances are good that the happy couple doesn’t have one yet. Be original: Get a Tater Tower.
  5. In the storm of unwanted stress that comes with joining your life with someone else’s, tension can get a little high. It’s healthy to get outside and spend time together at a slower pace.
  6. Potatoes are a very healthy, close to perfect food. They will not give you more “cushion for the pushin'” but they will give you more…energy to spend in creative ways with your loved one.
  7. Newlyweds are naturally optimistic, so what better time to start growing your own food.
  8. Friends, for a good time repackage the tater tower in the wrong order before gifting. “Oh, those married people think they’ve got it all figured out, let’s see them assemble one of these without having their first fight.” (Dr. Grimme would not endorse this.)
  9. We’ll say it again, because it’s an important but often overlooked feature. Gardening is romantic! It is. Whether you do it alone, or with a partner. Connect with nature; connect with yourself; connect with your loved one; connect with the universe and a history that, since the beginning of time — whichever beginning you subscribe to —  was buzzing, tingling with activity. Literature oozes with imagery of whimsical, sensual gardens. You’re starting to picture them.  Adam and Eve. Hysmine and Hysminias. Locus amoenus. Vauxhall, the first pleasure garden in London. Like gardening, farming and harvesting food isn’t any less so. In fact, it completes the cycle. Nurturing plants also nurtures us. The body is the garden of the soul.  More than potatoes grow in the garden; love grows. And the couple that gardens together, grows together.
  10. “What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.” – A.A. Milne.

And we’ll leave it at that.

carrots lying together.