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This week we have a lot to celebrate! It’s the 1 year anniversary of our website launch. There are now HUNDREDS (multiple, as in more than two hundred) Dr. Grimme’s Tater Tower® potato planters in yards and gardens all over the country! We know you are all very excited, as you’ve surely been celebrating all week too, but please – hold off on the booze long enough to read this because there is more great stuff coming your way!

The website launch is not the only anniversary we are celebrating this week. At the Grimme house, we are also celebrating chicken birthdays! One year ago we brought home our first four chickens. Cute. Fluffy. Loud. Helpless. Very Messy.

Frida, Vida, Lottie and Hattie demonstrating pecking order at Dr. Grimme's Better Ways, LLC headquarters.

What seemed silly to us prior to becoming chicken parents is that everyone who has chickens loves to brag about them. About how pretty they are. What great layers they are. How funny they are. How much they add to our lives. It’s true. In one year (one day) their little chicken personalities won us over. Forever.

As we watched them grow and develop into pullethood, there was a clear and present pecking order developing. Lottie (short for Loretta) was at the top, and poor Frida was at the bottom.

Upon closer observation, Frida had problems. She was repeatedly late for the game. Where the others were dead on with their pecking accuracy, Frida took several swipes before hitting the mark, if she hit it at all. Soon, the rest of her coop-mates began laying. Regularly. And we were delighted, but nothing from Frida. Then we figured it out. (No, she was not a rooster.) She was blind. Or at least mostly. She had dull gray, cloudy eyes. Most chickens need about 16 hours of sunlight to begin laying eggs and Frida wasn’t getting it. This explained it. Everything. Why she missed out on all of the good treats. Why she was going to bed so early, and why she had to be pulled off the roost in the middle of the day– because for Frida it was dark. Imagine how we felt to discover that the cute bearded chicken we lovingly thought of as “slow” actually had vision problems.

Frida's Green EggSo, we had a pretty Americauna walking around, basically for decoration, living “rent-free”. What are you going to do though? Eat her? That was not an option. We had long past that point. Winter came, and egg production slowed for the rest of the girls. Then on a dreary Oregon winter day the first green egg appeared. Not in the nesting box. Right out in the middle of their yard, in front of God and everyone. And she hasn’t stopped since. Frida has turned out to be our best winter layer, with very large, very healthy-looking, beautiful green eggs. They’re not made out of gold, but they are every bit as precious to us, as is Frida.

Frida the BlindNature never fails to amaze. As soon as Frida found her calling, her whole persona changed. No longer the passive, last-to-the-table, girl. No way. She’s confident, dare I say flirty, and in there fighting peck for peck with the rest of the girls, no matter how many it takes.

At Dr. Grimme’s Better Ways, LLC we believe in miracles, and we try to acknowledge them, no matter how big or small. That something created in your garage can serve people all over the country. That even a blind chicken can lay an egg. In honor of all we have to celebrate we thought it would be fun to release our second product. A chicken bumper sticker. Or, more appropriately named, The Proud Parent Sticker.

Join us! Show the world how much you appreciate your bird with a Proud Parent sticker. Put it on your car or truck. Slap it on your water bottle or 3-ring binder. Get one today!


Dr. Grimme's Better Ways, LLC Proud Parent Sticker. My Child Eats Spiders featuring Lottie the chicken.