With St. Patty’s day just around the corner,  it’s time to get serious about potatoes. For many, March 17th marks the time to get those spuds in the ground. So before you go out n’ get rowdy playin’ yer fiddle and dancin’ a fine jig, wear yer greens down to the garden and plant yee some taters. Chances are it’s the perfect moment! Throw in a drunken brawl and all your friends will be jealous from the foggy retellings of the good time you barely remember. This year you’ll at least have a garden full of potatoes to show for it!

Order your Dr. Grimme’s Tater Tower® planter box soon to be sure it arrives on time for the big day!

Here are some great resources for growing and ordering your seed potatoes:

Seed Saver’s Exchange Potato Growing Guide
Check your plant hardiness zone
Seed potatoes from Maine Potato Lady–look at the late season varieties to maximize potato tower yield
For our friends down south, check out : Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

seed potatoes from Grow Organic……