This is a big moment for us. You could say, “HUGE“.

As you read this, we depart on our intrepid adventure into the world of small online business. We come to you as humble servants of the soil who dream of filling a special niche amongst the spuds in your garden; to share space with the lettuces and leeks; to share our solutions and discoveries with all of you.

The idea for Dr. Grimme’s Tater Tower® stackable planter comes from the  practice of growing potatoes vertically to optimize yield. The taller the plant, the more potatoes. Traditionally, potatoes are grown in long rows by dedicated farmers who regularly hill up the soil around the plant. The art of potato gardening was later revolutionized by the used tire. Decades ago, when used tires rolled rampantly about the streets, a clever hippie and garden sage (to whom we owe much credit) said, “Lie them down and give them purpose. Let them find a home in the garden.” So began the trend of filling tires with soil and growing towering potato plants from within their rubbery insides.

While the excess of used tires is still a concern, new discoveries on their potentially harmful chemical makeup discouraged a young Dr. Grimme from taking this route in his own horticultural endeavors. “You wouldn’t make soup in a tire? Why grow the vegetables in them?” After much research he came up with the design for the future of Dr. Grimme’s Tater Tower® boxes (see prototype in photo above). Lightweight, stackable boxes made from cedar that is grown and milled here in Oregon, easily interlocking for quick and stable assembly,  and an even quicker harvest!

These towering spud-studs may not be able to guarantee that you’ll grow the next World’s Biggest Potato, but they do promise to make you part of a movement. Your own movement, towards growing your own food. Using a limited amount of space and effort, you can grow plenty of potatoes for yourself, friends and family.