Our Founder

Eugene, Oregon is where Dr. Grimme’s Tater Towers® stackable planters call home. An idea born and raised in the heights of Hippiedom,  it was the perfect breeding ground for these tough little towers to get their start.

Inspired by the challenges urban farmers and gardeners face every day to work, feed your critters, feed your family, feed yourself, and to do a dozen other DIY-ers’ projects around the house, the tater towers couldn’t be easier to use. In a world where it’s not a normal day if your planner and plate isn’t full, we worked to bring you a product the saves space, time, and energy.

These innovative towers combine the trendiness of re-used tires with the style of long-lasting, sustainable, sturdy cedar. Unlike tires, they’re lightweight, interlocking and chemical free. Around the warehouse we have a saying: “I like recycled tires on the soles of my shoes, but I don’t want it in my food!”

Made from the finest cedar grown in all of Oregon, and milled in small, independent mills of lane county, these towers are as local as they come. Here at Dr. Grimme’s we value local, low petroleum products that support our economy and have a low impact on the environment. After all, if there was no fertile soil left, where would all of our potatoes come from? And we do grow a lot of potatoes!

The good Dr. Grimme lives and works in Eugene, Oregon, where time away from the office is optimized by gardening, cooking and playing with his two beastly dogs (with his beautiful esposa at his side!).